A Toot And A Snore in '74

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Label: Mistral Music
Date: 1992
Ref: MM 9225
Sound quality: good but a lot of problems with the mikes.
Total Playing Time : 29:12

This recording is the last performance by Paul & John in a studio. It happened on Sunday March 31, 1974. Although the performance is very poor, this recording is an historical moment to share.
On that day of March, John held a night music jam session at his beach house in L.A. Those in attendance included Paul McCartney (vocals, drums), Jesse Ed Davis (guitar), Harry Nilsson (vocals), Stevie Wonder (electric piano) & Bobby Keys (sax). John played vocals and drums. Mal Evans and May Pang also attended the session.

A few days sooner, on
Thursday March 28, Paul & Linda had dropped at Burbank Studios, California, where John Lennon started to produce the Harry Nilsson album "Pussy Cats". Paul & Linda intended to watch the recording, and Paul finally joined in a jam session with John and other musicians on the track "Midnight Special", joining John for the first time in a musical environment since the split of The Beatles.

Track list :

1  A Toot And A Snore  ? 0:24  
2  Bluesy Jam  ? 2:31  
3  Studio Talk   ? 2:38  
4  Lucille  Penniman / Collins 5:57  
5  Nightmares  Robinson 2:36

Intrumental is from the Shadows' "Midnight", 1961.

6  Stand By Me  King/Leiber/Stoller/Jones/Glick 2:16

All this is messed up. Lot of chat & complaints by John against the control room. 

7  Stand By Me  King/Leiber/Stoller/Jones/Glick 3:39
8  Stand By Me  King/Leiber/Stoller/Jones/Glick 6:02

John & Paul finally start singing and they produce a quite complete performance with the help of Harry towards the end.

9  Cupid  Cooke 3:09 Stevie Wonder at the lead vocal. 
 Working For The Chain Gang  ? Stevie & Harry at the lead vocal. 
 Take This Hammer Terry / McGhee Paul at the lead vocal.