Ghost Photo Gallery


This page gathers ghost photos illustrating famous events that never were... Of course these events  only happened in my mind and all the pictures and facts mentioned here are totally faked !
For example, you will find here some amazing pictures of John Lennon meeting Paul McCartney after the Beatles' breakup...


For example, did you know that John Lennon once joined Paul McCartney on stage in 1976 during the Wings' World Tour ? Here they are performing Let Me Roll It together. What a shot it is !


Many years later, a ghost apparition was shot when Paul was working on the artwork of his album Paul Is Live! As Paul walked on the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing with his dog, some spectral disturbances happened in front of the camera and some strange outlines were revealed after the shooting, like these ones:


Did you know that the evolution of Man is not necessarily what Darwin could think? Here is a proof:

Even some albums are ghots in our minds.
This is an example of a double-album that never was but  in the world of spirits :