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1882 (McCartney)

A first home demo of that song was recorded in mid-1970. A studio version was taped in early 1972. The song was covered live by Wings during their first tour in 1972, but the track remains unreleased.

Length: 3'27

> Download the home demo <

Concert in Arles, France, 1972

Promotional clip for Back To The Egg

Cage (McCartney)

Cage is a leftover from the Back To The Egg recording sessions at Spirit Of Ranachan studios. The song was then remixed in 1980 to be part of the "Cold Cuts" project that was never released.

Length: 3'05

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Gotta Sing Gotta Dance (McCartney)

This composition was written in 1968. It was recorded by Paul for the "James Paul McCartney" TV show, in March 1973. 

Length: 4'12

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Excert of the James Paul McCartney TV Show

The Beatles, 1964

One And One Is Two (Lennon / McCartney)

Paul's demo of an unreleased Beatles' song, written between January and February 1964 in Paris.

Length: 1'56

> Download the demo song <

Night Out (McCartney)

This is a leftover from the Red Rose Speedway recording sessions in March 1972. The song was then remixed in 1978 and 1980 to be part of the "Cold Cuts" project that was never released. This page features the final remix from mid-1980.

Length: 2'30

> Download the final remix <

Paul, 1979

Robber's Ball (McCartney)

This was an other candidate to the never released "Cold Cuts". There was first a McCartney II outtake recorded at Paul's home, Sussex & Scotland, in Summer 1979. Later, it was recorded at Lympne Castle (May 1980). This gem remains unreleased.

Length: 4'10

> Download the 1980's version <

Soily - Take 7 (McCartney)

A first studio version of Soily was taped in early 1972 and the song was covered live by Wings during their tours in 1972/73 and 1975/76. A second version (featured here) was recorded live at EMI, Abbey Road Studio, for the never released video One Hand Clapping, Fall 1974.

Length: 4'11

> Download the 1974's version <

Live in 1976

Paul in 1970

Suicide (McCartney)

Suicide is one of Paul's earliest compositions. A first studio take was taped during the Get Back rehearsals in January 1969. Another studio version was recorded in January 1970 for the "McCartney " album, but only a few seconds of the song finally surfaced on this album. Another version was recorded for the "One Hand Clapping" video. A last version was taped as a demo in 1974 and given to Frank Sinatra who never recorded the song.

Length: 3'46

> Download the complete demo <

Sunshine Sometime (McCartney)

The first version of this song is the basic track which was recorded during the RAM recording sessions in late 1970. In July 1978, the song was reworked for the unreleased "Rupert" soundtrack. This second version is featured here.

Length: 3'23

> Download the "Rupert" demo <

Paul and Rupert

Wings Live in 72/73

Thank You Darling (McCartney)

This is a another leftover from the Red Rose Speedway recording sessions in March 1972. The song remains unreleased (and unfinished...).

Length: 3'24

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Twenty-Five Fingers (McCartney / Mac Manus)

This is a demo by Paul McCartney in collaboration with Elvis Costello (Mac Manus). It was probably recorded during one of the "Flowers In The Dirt" sessions in summer/fall 1987. The song remains unreleased both by Paul and Elvis.

Length: 2'29

> Download the demo <

Recording sessions of Flowers In The Dirt

Yvonne (McCartney / Stewart)

This collaboration with Eric Stewart was recorded in Spring 1985 for the Press To Play project, but it was finally rejected from the line-up of the album. The song was later re-recorded and released on a 10cc album.

Length: 4'17

> Download Paul's version <

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