Beatles' Bootlegs

This is the catalogue of my Beatles bootlegs' collection.
It features unreleased songs, studio leftovers, demos or live recordings.

The following material is not for sale, 
just for documentation.




'69 Rehearsals   3 volumes compiling some of the sessions commonly referred to as the "Get Back Sessions" from January 1969.
A Toot And A Snore in '74   This recording is the last performance by Paul & John in a studio. It happened on Sunday March 31, 1974. Although the performance is very poor, this recording is an historical moment to share.
Acetates   Unreleased tracks and alternate versions, mostly from 1967-1968.
Alternate Revolver, The   Alternate mixes from the Revolver recording sessions, April-June 1966.
Alternative Abbey Road, The   Alternate takes and mixes from "Abbey Road" recording sessions, April-July 1969.
Anthology 2000 Disc 1 & Disc 2   To be documented...
Anthology More   2-CD Box. Unreleased studio outtakes, home demos and live recordings that might have been added to the official Beatles anthology.
Arrive Without Aging   Alternate takes and demos recorded between 1963 and 1968.
Artifacts Vol. 1, 2, 3, 5   To be documented...
Artifacts Vol.4 - Inner revolution : 1968   Unreleased songs and alternate takes from 1968
Artifacts II   5 CD-Box. Alternate takes, different mixes, rehearsals, demos, live appearances and BBC performances recorded between 1960 & 1969.
Artifacts III   4 CD-collection of rare and unreleased takes performed by the ex-Beatles between 1969 & 1994, and compiled in a chronological order.
Back-Track Vol.2   To be documented...
Beatles Meet The Crickets, The   Scott Muni's radio show, "Ticket To Ride", on September 16th, 1988. The radio show features some interviews about Buddy Holly (Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Jerry Allison, Joe Maudlin), as well as some songs performed by Buddy Holly and The Beatles.
Beatles Unplugged   To be documented...
Celluloid Rock   Excerpts from the Get Back rehearsal sessions in January 1969, mixing some new Beatles' songs and some old rock and roll covers . 
Challenger One   Alternate versions and live performances from 1967-1968
Triple CD !
Come Together (Beatles In The '90s)   Alternate takes and demos relating to the Beatles' "Anthology".
Complete BBC Sessions, The   A one-disc CD-ROM featuring the "The Complete BBC Sessions" in MP3 format (originally produced by "Great Dane Records" in audio format on nine CDs  in 1993). The CD-ROM comes with a lof of HTML pages including many photos and comments about the songs and recordings.
Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts 1964-1965, (The)   This bootleg features three concerts performed by The Beatles 
at The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, in
1964 & 1965.
Control Room Monitor Mixes   Studio monitor mixes of various post-1964 songs.
Decca Tapes - Speed Corrected, The   The first formal audition of the Beatles for a British record company, Decca, during which 15 songs were taped (1st January 1962). The bootleg is completed with some rehearsals at The Cavern in 1962.
Die Beatles In Deutschland 1966   To be documented...
Ed Sullivan Shows, The   The Beatles' TV appearances at The Ed Sullivan TV Show between 1964 and 1966.
Five Nights In A Judo Arena   The Beatles recorded live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, June 30, 1966.
From Kinfauns To Chaos   2-CDs box. The Beatles' Esher demos for the White Album (May 1968) in their best sounding version plus the recording of the Revolution mixing session on June 4, 1968.
Gone Tomorrow Here Today   Takes, mostly coming from the "Blackbird Sessions" and compiled for a promotional film made for Apple by Tony Bramwell, June 1968.
Hail, Hail Rock 'N Roll   Various recordings from the Get Back sessions in January 1969. Most of them come from the Apple Studios, and a few from the Twickenham Studios.
Hard Days And Nights Vol.1 & Vol.2   To be documented...
Historic Sessions   The Beatles recorded at the Star Club in Hamburg, probably in December 1962. 2-LP album. 
Hollywood Bowl Complete, The   This bootleg features two concerts performed by The Beatles  at The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, in 1964 & 1965.
In Case You Don't Know   This bootleg collects live performances from radio & TV sessions in 1963 & 1964, and a recording of the Washington Coliseum concert on February 11th, 1964.
It's Not Too Bad   This is the complete work by John Lennon and The Beatles on the song Strawberry Fields Forever, from the first demos to the final releases in 1966.
Jamming With Heather   Various tracks recorded at Twickenham studios and at Apple studios in January 1969.
John Barrett's Cassette Dubs, The   A 7-CD collection. Abbey Road engineer John Barrett's direct cassette dubs of material found during his vault searches in 1982. Includes previously unavailable tracks and mixes as well as items featuring significant upgrades in sound quality from earlier appearances on other collections.
Last Year   A 2-CD set with alternates takes recorded between February 1969 and January 1970, mostly for the album Abbey Road.
Leaning On A Lamppost   To be documented...

Let It Be Rehearsals, The

Vol.1: The Complete Rooftop Concert

Vol.4: Rock And Roll

Vol.5: The Auction Tapes

  The complete Beatles' rooftop concert, January 30, 1969, and many out-takes from the Get Back studio rehearsals that took place in January 1969.
Live In Australia   To be documented...
Live In Paris 1965   To be documented...
Lost Pepperland Reel, The   Alternate and unreleased versions from Yellow Submarine, plus some rarities from 1967/1968.
March 5, 1963 plus The Decca Tapes   Recording sessions at EMI Studios on March 5th, 1963. Bonus tracks: the complete Beatles' audition at Decca Studios, London, on Januray 1st, 1962.
More Sweet Apples   Unpublished songs and alternative versions from 1966-1969.
Mythology, Volume 1   A 3-CDs box of interviews, radio shows and alternate takes performed by the Beatles between 1962 & 1964, and commented by John Barrett.
Mythology, Volume 3   A 4-CDs box of interviews, radio shows and alternate takes performed by the Beatles between 1962 & 1969, and commented by John Barrett.
No. 3 Abbey Road N.W. 8  

Paul McCartney and Donovan recorded in January 1969 during the recordind sessions for the Mary Hopkin's Post Card LP. 
Early mono mixes and takes recorded from
April to August 1969 at EMI for the Abbey Road LP.

Quarrymen At Home, The   Rehearsals by the Quarrymen in Liverpool, May 1960
and some recordings by the Beatles, with Tony Sheridan in
1962, and at The Star Club, Hamburg, December 1962.
Rare Beatles   This album collects some recordings made by Ted Taylor at the Star Club in Hamburg, 1962.
Real Case Has Just Begun, (The)   Abbey Road "Get Back" Rehearsals in 1969.
Sessions   A collection of previously unreleased originals and some alternate versions of familiar tunes. A boot that was released under the fake label of Parlophone. 
Shea! / Candlestick Park  

This bootleg consists of two mythical concerts performed by The Beatles. The first one was performed at the Shea Stadium, New York, on 15 August 1965. The second one was performed at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, on 29 August 1966. This show was the last Beatles' performance on stage.

Soul Sessions   A collection of alternates takes and mixes from the Rubber Soul recording sessions in 1965.
Stars Of '63   This session was recorded live at Karlaplansstudion, in the center of Stockholm, Sweden, October 24, 1963, for Swedish radio show "POP '63". 
Studio 2 Sessions At Abbey Road   A 4-CD collection of alternate takes recorded by The Beatles between 1963 & 1966, and compiled in a chronological order. Previously available in the Yellow Dog Box Set "The Ultimate Collection" with references YDB202, YDB 203, YDB 302, YDB303
Sweetest Apples, (The)   Unpublished songs and alternative versions from 1967-1970.
The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl   To be documented...
The Beatles Live! At The Star-Club In Hamburg, Germany; 1962   This CD collects some recordings made by Ted Taylor at the Star Club in Hamburg, probably on December 31st, 1962. This was the final concert given by The Beatles in Hamburg. These recordings were made on a portable machine, so the sound quality is somehow mediocre. However the sound is of better quality than the one from Historic Sessions.
The Beatles Upgraded Collection - Highlights   A collection of Beatles tracks which have been re-equalised and/or have had their speed adjusted.
Thirty Days (the complete MP3 collection)   Get Back sessions. This CDROM compiles the "Thirty Days" bootleg from VIGOTONE (VT-218/234 - 17 CDR BOX Set) into a single volume with MP3 and HTML formats. 
Twickenham Sessions, (The)   8-CD box set with many takes from the Get Back studio rehearsals that took place in January 1969. Much previously unavailable stuff.
Ultimate Collection, The
Miscellaneous Tracks
Box 1, Disc 3
  Miscellaneous tracks including a pre-recorded tape for the rediffusion TV show Around The Beatles aired on 6 May 1964 and various alternate takes from 1965 to 1969.
Ultimate Live Masters   To be documented...
Ultimate Live Collection, The

The Beatles recorded live in Indianapolis and in Philadelphia, September 1964, and in Houston, August 1965.

Unsurpassed Demos   A collection of demos and unplugged sessions for the Beatles' White Album.
Unsurpassed Masters (7 Volumes)   Alternate takes and unreleased material recorded between 1962 and 1969.
Unsurpassed Master Vol.8   To be documented...
Wildcat!   This 2CD set contains all of the known 1960 rehearsal recordings by The Beatles. The material has undeniable historical value as it offers a rare glimpse into the repertoire and musical capabilities of the group in its formative years. 
World's Best, The   Rares mixes and alternate versions from various countries in good quality sound. 
Whitology   A collection of alternates takes and mixes from the White Album recording sessions in 1968.


And many other titles to come...

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