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Goodbye (Lennon / McCartney)

A number composed by Paul in 1969 which was recorded by Mary Hopkin. Paul also produced the number, sang a duet with Mary and played guitar on it. The song reached n2 in the British charts and n13 in the American. 
Paul made a demonstration record of the tune on which he sang and played acoustic guitar.

Length: 2'24

> Download Paul's original demo <

Paul McCartney & Mary Hopkin in the studio.

Paul & his band in 1993.

Blackbird (Lennon / McCartney)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky 
(Bill Monroe) 
 - Mock versions -

This is a funny medley performed by Paul using a Russian accent for a mock version of two great songs ! This was performed during a rehearsal, probably during Paul's World Tour in 1993. 

Length: 1'24

> Download the rehearsal song <

India (McCartney)

This Paul's composition was performed during a rehearsal of a "Driving USA Tour" concert. It was broadcasted on the Internet through the DVD "Back In The US". This is a beautiful and unreleased gem that most of the fans expect to hear on a forthcoming album.

Length: 5'48

> Download the rehearsal song  <

Paul & his band in 2002.

Lunch Box - Odd Sox (McCartney)

This song was released as the B-side of the "Coming Up" single in 1980.  
A basic track (with count-in) already existed as a Venus & Mars outtake recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, November 1974, and Sea Saint Studios, New Orleans, January 1975. Probably one of the more attractive instrumental songs performed by Paul.
A mix was made in 1978,  probably used for final release of "Coming Up".

Length: 3'50

> Download the basic track from '74/'75 <

Mary's Song / Ooby Dooby Song (?/?)

Paul's performances for the "Michael Parkinson Show",
BBC-TV1, 3 December 1999, included these two special unusual and unique numbe
rs. These were played for an extremely pleased audience attending the show !

Length: 3'01

> Download the show excerpt <

So Glad To See You Here (Outtake) (McCartney)

This was recorded during the "Rockestra sessions" for the album "Back To The Egg".  Paul and his prestigious back-up band performed a first rough outtake of this hard number.

Length: 3'20

> Download the outtake <

Don't You Wanna Dance With Me ? (McCartney)

An unreleased song recorded in 1977 at his farm in Scotland. Paul was backed by Denny Laine and Linda.

Length: 3'02

> Download the home recording <

Three Cool Cats (Leiber / Stoller)

This performance was recorded during one of the rehearsals of Paul's '93 World Tour. "Tree Cool Cats" was an old standard covered by The Beatles in their early days. They performed it during their first audition at Decca Records on January 1st, 1962, with George Harrison on lead vocal.

Length: 3'12

> Download Paul's cover from 1993 <

Tragedy (Nelson / Burch)

This number is a "Red Rose Speedway" outtake. A basic track was recorded at Olympic & Abbey Road Studios, in March-October 1972. Later in the mid-80's, a final mix was made  with vocal-up mixing & harp overdubs. This mix was intended to be part of the "Cold Cuts" project that was never released.

The song was originally written by Nelson/Burch and performed by The Fleetwoods during the '60s.

Length: 3'21

> Download Paul's final mix <

Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 
(Migilacci / Modugno)

This Italian standard was covered by Paul during his historic concert in Rome inside the Colosseum, on Saturday May 10th, 2003.

Length: 1'25

> Download the song <

Waiting For The Train To Come In
(McCartney ?)

This song was recorded during a soundcheck of one of Paul's shows in 2002. Peggy Lee had performed a song of the same title, but the two songs seem to be quite different (Paul had produced the recording of one of his songs, "Let's Love"  by Peggy Lee for one of her albums...)

Anyway, let's assume that this song from the soundcheck is a Paul's song...

Length: 2'03

> Download the demo <

Waterspout (McCartney)

A basic backing track was recorded during the "London Town" sessions in 1977, but the takes remained outtakes.

A final mix was made with horn overdub in the mid-80's. This mix was intended to be part of the "Cold Cuts" project that was never released.

Length: 4'47

> Download Paul's final mix <

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