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Two Of Us - Live (Lennon / McCartney)

A number composed by Paul and inspired by Linda. This song is a master piece which is part of the Beatles' album "Let It Be".
Paul recently performed this song with his band during the historic concert at Red Square in Moscow on 24 May 2003.

Length: 3'45

> Download Paul's live performance <

A Room With A View (Noel Coward) 

Paul recorded this ultra-traditional cover of "A Room With a View" for the tribute album "Twentieth-Century Blues: The Songs of Noel Coward". Released in 1999.

Length: 3'44

> Download the cover performed by Paul <

Beware My Love - Live (McCartney)

This Paul's composition is one of his most rocking numbers ever. There you will find a live recording of this song performed live by Wings at Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 9 May 1976.

Length: 6'55

> Download the Wings' live performance  <

Big Day (McCartney)

This track is mostly instrumental and was recorded at the end of 1986. The song remains unreleased.

Length: 5'36

> Download the track from '86 <

I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Lennon/McCartney)

Mark Lewisohn reported that there was an intermediate take of this song that was recorded with Paul on lead vocal (instead of John). The following file is supposed to feature this unique take. Some people think it's only a fake, others think it's a genuine take. It's up to you to make up your mind !!

Length: 4'35

> Download the alternate take with Paul? on vocal <

Loveliest Thing (McCartney)

Paul recorded this song in New York with members of Billy Joel's band and Phil Ramone producing (21-29 August, 1986). The song was released on a special 2-CD edition of "Flowers In The Dirt" which was issued in Japan.

Length: 4'01

> Download the song <

Nature Is Calling Me (McCartney)
(aka Call Of Nature)

Wings held a rehearsal at an English theater in June & July 1980. They performed a dozen songs including a version of "Ballroom Dancing" and a version of "Nature Is Calling Me" which remains unreleased today.

Length: 3'49

> Download the rehearsal track <

Return To Pepperland (McCartney)

This song was recorded in June 87. There was a project to release "Return To Pepperland" & "Love Come Tumbling Down" in September but it was finally rejected. An unknown unreleased album-worth of songs were recorded during this time with Billy Joel's band. Phil Ramone was producing.

Length: 4'53

> Download Paul's cover from 1993 <

Spin It On - Live (McCartney)

This number from "Back To The Egg" was recorded live during the Wings' Tour of 1979. This track was performed at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland on December 17, 1979. This was the last show of the Wings' Tour in 1979.

Length: 2'23

> Download the Wings' live track <

There You Are, Eddie (McCartney)

During the 'Get Back' rehearsal sessions, Paul & John performed this Paul's gentle folk tune for acoustic guitar (January 24th, 1969). The song was never released.

Length: 2'28

> Download the rehearsal track <

Wings Of A Nightingale (McCartney)

Paul recorded a demo of this song during the summer of '84. He finally gave the song to the Everly Brothers to record.

Length: 2'30

> Download the demo <

Your School (McCartney)

In November 1990, demos were recorded for the new album "Off The Ground". A song called "Your School" may come from these sessions. This number remains uncomplete and unreleased (although it was heard on Oobu Joobu in 1995).

Length: 1'41

> Download Paul's demo <

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