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Seems Like Old Times ( McCartney)

This title was recorded as a demo in August 1980. The recording happened at Paul's private Rude Studios in Scotland. Most of the recordings this month were intended to be demos for the forthcoming album "Tug Of War", but Seems Like Old Times was not included in the final playlist of Tug Of War. It remains unreleased today.

Length: 4'01

> Download Paul's original demo <

Paul Playing for Tug Of War

Rode All Night (McCartney) 

A rough version of this number was recorded during the Ram sessions and the refrain was later incorporated into "Giddy", a number given to Roger Daltrey. the song itself remains unreleased.

Length: 8'47

> Download the rough version <

Partial To Your Abracadabra (Dury / Jankel)

TBrand New Boots and Panties is a nice idea: the stars of today celebrating Ian Dury's life by recreating his best-known album, 1977's New Boots and Panties. Too often, tribute albums fall at the first fence (why did they bother?); but this time, it's a marriage made at the Match-Stick, Beacontree. Madness were born for "My Old Man"; Billy Bragg does very well on "Billericay Dickie"; Shane MacGowan's take on "Plaistow Patricia" has all the rakish charm of kamikaze karaoke and Paul McCartney's "I'm Partial to Your Abracadabra" boasts the same raw-throated energy he displayed on Run Devil Run..

Length: 3'32

> Download the song  <

Maybe Baby (Buddy Holly)

Soundtrack to UK film featuring 1 exclusive track from Paul McCartney, the title track, 'Maybe Baby' along with 15 other tracks. Paul McCartney's version of "Maybe Baby" is one of the best cover songs he has ever done. Produced by Jeff Lynne, Paul's version of the Buddy Holly song would be right at home on a Traveling Wilburys album. What a shame that Paul never made a record as a member of the Traveling Wilburys with his former bandmate, the late George Harrison.

Length: 1'57

> Download the soundtrack song <

Lindiana (McCartney)

A number recorded on Saturday 1 December 1984, a day when Paul recorded "We Got Married". "Lindiana" was originally considered as the flipside of "Figure Of Eight", but remained unreleased.

Length: 5'50

> Download the song <

Paul Playing

Helter Skelter (Lennon/McCartney)

This Beatles' number was played live for the first time during Paul's McCartney Tour in 2003. It was recorded in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Length: 3'20

> Download the live performance <

Her Majesty (Lennon / McCartney)

Her Majesty is the last track of the last Beatles' album. Unfortunetaly, this track only lasts a few seconds.

Here is a long version of Her Majesty that was recorded in January 1969 during the Get Back Sessions.

Length: 2'12

> Download the long version <

Paul rehearsing for the album Abbey Road

Feel The Sun (McCartney)

"Good Times Coming / Feel The Sun" is track #2 on Paul's album Press To Play. It comprises two separate songs that Paul ran together into each other. Part 2 of this track is only an excerpt of the full version of "Feel The Sun" that is featured here.

Length: 3'31

> Download Paul's full and longer version of the song <

Did We Met Somewhere Before? (McCartney)

Recorded in Fall 1977, this title was specifically composed as the theme song for the "Heaven Can Wait" movie, but it was finally passed over. Later on, in 1979, it could be heard at the beginning of the Ramones' "Rock & Roll High School" movie but it did not appeared on the soundtrack LP. 

This song was also part of Paul's project "Cold Cuts" that was never released.

Length: 5'00

> Download Paul's final mix of the song <

Blackpool (McCartney)

One of a number of demo home recordings Paul made in the years 1971 and 1972. It is a band demo rather than the usual solo demo discs he was making around that time. This one features three acoustic guitars, an electric keyboard and drums. 

It remains unreleased.

Length: 2'06

> Download the song <

Ranachan Rock

This song is an unreleased instrumental reggae recorded by Paul in 1978.

Length: 3'10

> Download the reggae track <

Same Time Next Year (McCartney)

A song paul had recorded in 1978 and remixed in 1980. Another piece for his "Cold Cuts" project.

The song was recorded as the title track for the film Same Time Next Year in 1978, a movie that starred Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn. The number was rejected in favour of 'The Last Time I Felt
Like This' by Marvin Hamlisch, because it was said that Paul's number 'gave away too much of the plot'. Paul's 'Same Time Next Year' was eventually issued on 5 February 1990 as a bonus track on the CD and 12" vinyl singles of 'Put It There'.
It was also released on disc #2 of the Japanese release of "Flowers In The Dirt".

Paul recorded the number at Rak Studios on 5 May 1978, with Laurence Juber making his first appearance as a member of Wings; it was co-produced by Paul and Chris Thomas. The following day it was
completed at Abbey Road Studios with a 68-piece string section, in an arrangement by Paul and Fiachra Trench.

Length: 3'10

> Download Paul's final mix from 1980 <

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